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Abacus has been providing pharmacies with software solutions nationwide since 1984 . We specialize in independent and institutional pharmacy (LTC) software. Millions of prescription transactions are processed via our Pharmacy software every month. You will find that we offer more features and products our competitors offer, for a much lower price. We can always say we have the best product and value, but we rather show you! We will never hide our software from you before the sale like other vendors or make it difficult to get a price, again like other vendors. It's as if they don't want you to buy their products; well, we want you to buy our product. We proudly display a video of our software on our website and we will gladly give you a price over the phone. We invite you to see what we offer. View our product or call us for a detail demonstration or to price your needs without any obligation.


We are committed to providing our software and services at the lowest cost in the industry. We can't call you, call or write to us and we promise you will be glad you did.





















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